Prayer Meetings

NOTE: the Thursday evening prayer meeting is currently online, and the Sunday morning prayer time currently suspended, due to Covid-19 - contact us for details.


Our main prayer meeting is held every Thursday from 7:45-9:00pm at the Dawson Mission, Stenhouse Road, Carron, FK2 7SR.  See the map below.

We believe that prayer is a crucial part of what we do, simply because God is powerful and wise and good in ways that we're not.  Each week we sing praise to God, hear from his Word, and reflect on it for a short time.  Sometimes we hear from missionary contacts, watch a DVD, or hear about other Christian work.  We then break into smaller groups to pray.  There's a sheet to give guidance on what to pray for.  Not everyone prays out loud, and you're welcome to come and pray silently as you agree with the prayers of others.


We also meet for prayer on Sunday mornings at 9:30am in Carrongrange School.  At the moment we're focussing on our Building for the Future project, but it's also a chance to ask God to help us throughout the day as we meet together to learn from his Word.