what to expect

Expect a warm welcome from the team on the door, and approachable helpers to take care of kids if you have them.

Expect to find people of all ages and backgrounds, dressed in all kinds of different ways. People sometimes worry about what they should wear to church. The answer is: clothes.

Expect notices - churches always do notices!

Expect singing - because we love to sing praise to God for his greatness and his goodness to us.

Expect a children's talk - an important part of the service, because our children are an integral part of the church. Admittedly, this is often also the funniest part of the service...

Expect prayers - because we believe that God is wise and powerful in ways that we're not, and we know that we need to depend on him every day.

Expect to read the Bible - because this is how we hear the voice of God today, and as Christians we believe that our lives should be governed by the Word of God.

Expect the Bible to be preached - because the Bible is a book that needs to be considered carefully and applied to our lives rigorously, and because God has told his Church to preach his Word.

Expect that we'll often have the Lord's Supper as part of the service - the sharing of bread and wine, representing the body & blood of Christ, by all who have committed themselves to Christ and his people.

Expect not to be singled out for anything embarrassing.

Expect not to be asked for money - unless you're a member, in which case giving to your church is part of your normal Christian commitment.

Expect friendly people and opportunities to get to know others, especially over tea or coffee after the morning service.