who we are

Together with Christians throughout the world, we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Saviour of all who trust in him.  We believe that, in Jesus, God has made himself known in his world.  And so we've discovered that Jesus isn't just an intriguing figure from history, but a living person who makes it possible for us to know and love the God who made us.

We believe there is forgiveness, hope and new life through a message called the gospel - a message of good news about who Jesus is, what he has done, and why it matters.  The gospel is offered to everyone and changes everything.  Find out more about what we believe, or about our vision for our church.

The life of our church is centred on the Bible, which we accept as completely reliable.  This is because the Bible is the Word of God - it's where we encounter him, hear from him, and learn how to live for him.  So listening to the Bible, as God's Spirit helps us to understand it, is a major part of what we do.

We are folk from Larbert, Stenhousemuir, Falkirk and throughout the surrounding area.  We are young and old, and everything in between.  We are new Christians, and people who have been believers for decades.  But we're all learners, seeking to love and support one another as God makes us part of his one family.

Ministry Team


    Andrew is minister of Grace Church Larbert. He grew up in the north-east of Scotland and has been a Christian since childhood. He first studied law and practised as a civil court litigator for seven years before training for the ministry. He has ministered in Larbert for the past fifteen years. Andrew is married to Kay. In his spare time he likes to read good books, drink good coffee, walk the dog and hack up the occasional golf course.

    Andrew is also author of Following Jesus: the Essentials of Christian Discipleship.


    Andy is our Assistant Minister. He grew up near Carlisle in Cumbria, and came to faith just before starting university. Andy studied medicine at the University of Glasgow and worked as a doctor for a few years before devoting himself to a life in ministry. He is currently studying part-time with Reformed Theological Seminary alongside serving the church for five years. Andy is married to Cara and they have three children - Lucy, Simeon and Josie. He loves playing sports, dabbling in music, and eating good food with friends.

International Presbyterian Church

We believe the Bible teaches that our church should be part of something bigger than ourselves. We think that's important. It's also a way of expressing the unity of God's people throughout the world, supporting one another in prayer, and being accountable to one another - we want to have others walking beside us so that if we go off track, they're there to help us find the way again.

That's why Grace Church Larbert is a congregation of the International Presbyterian Church.  The IPC was set up by Francis Schaeffer in the 1950s, and has seen significant growth in the last 15 years or so.  It has congregations in Scotland, England, continental Europe and South Korea. We greatly appreciate the support and fellowship that we've found in the denomination. For more information on the IPC, have a look at their website.

We are a presbyterian church.  That means that, as well as believing the gospel, we have a system to make sure that our leaders and churches continue to do so. Our church is led by a group of seven elders who in turn are accountable to a larger group of elders - a presbytery - drawn from all the English-speaking IPC congregations in the UK. We also have four deacons who take the lead in caring for the practical needs of the church fellowship.