Building Project Update, January 2019

Grace Church Larbert is a diverse and growing congregation of around two hundred local people. In October 2018 we concluded missives for a plot of land in the Inches/Kinnaird area of Larbert, where there is no existing church and where around a quarter of our congregation already live. We’re excited to be developing plans for a new church building and community facility. This will include a large meeting space, a games hall, a café area and various flexible meeting rooms.


We are surprised and saddened that a campaign against our plans has been mounted by one individual who does not know us, has never met us, and made no attempt to speak with us before initiating his campaign. As a result he has made grossly inaccurate accusations about who we are and what we believe. The message we stand for is one of love for all people, and we welcome everyone without exception to our services and other events. We unequivocally reject prejudice and hatred, and always have done. As our minister Andrew Randall preached in a sermon on 29th July 2012, “We continue to affirm our welcome for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or practice. We continue to denounce homophobia as a horrible evil and a flat contradiction of the gospel."


We are simply a Christian church which holds Christian beliefs. The church throughout the world has held these beliefs for the last two thousand years, and the vast majority of Christians still hold them today.


We believe that, as well as being able to benefit the community in other ways, we have amazingly good news to share with the people of Inches/Kinnaird. We look forward to serving the area for many years to come.